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Mindful Birth

Mindful Birth is a 6 week series that grew organically from the private classes I created for individuals.  It is appropriate for women choosing home, birth center, or hospital birth.  The defining philosophy behind this series is that attitude and expectation are key to having a positive birth experience.  The classes are 2 hours each and meet weekly.  The series breaks down like this:

Class 1:  Enjoying a low-risk pregnancy (nutrition, exercise, positive story, meditation)
Class 2:  Physiology of normal birth
Class 3:  Variations (labor dystocia, prodromal labor, interventions, informed consent)
Class 4:  Celebrating your birth (an overview and practice of many coping techniques)
Class 5:  Planning for your birthplace (understanding options of chosen birthplace, birth plans, packing a birth bag, creating a homebirth checklist)
Class 6:  Comprehensive birth rehearsal and postpartum

Teaser of things you will learn:

  • Why the amazing uterus has two opposing muscle fibers
  • How beta-endorphins from labor pass into your colostrum
  • Three easy techniques for resolving back labor
  • How to map your belly so you know how your baby is positioned
  • How to write a birth plan that doesn’t look like you found it on the internet
  • And how to protect the emotional atmosphere of your birthing space
  • And the biggest question of all:  when to go to the hospital/birth center or call your midwife to come

And so much more!

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  1. My husband and I are interested in attending this class. I am seeing Dr. Polo Shirt for my first prenatal visit this coming Wednesday, too!


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