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Babywearing:  the wearing of one’s baby.  Pretty simple.

Main Types of Carriers:

  • Soft structured carriers–like the ever popular Bjorn or the oh-so-comfy Ergo
  • Slings–pouches and ring-slings
  • Mei Tais–a simple Asian carrier
  • Wraps–a long piece of fabric
  • Rebozo–a shorter piece of fabric

The Babywearer:  the ginormous information site and forum for all things BW’ing.Upstate Babywearing:  We have two groups who meet monthly–one in Clemson and one in Greenville.  Join the yahoo group at the link to receive reminders and info.



DIY:  there are loads of links here for those sewing-savvy among us to make your own carrier.

Strangely, YouTube is a great place to learn to babywear.  Do a search.  One of my favorites is a daddy demonstrating how to wear a newborn with a stretchy wrap.

Julie’s Two Cents:  Buy or make one of each:  ring sling, wrap, and mei tai (or Ergo).  Stay away from Bjorn-types.  These are uncomfortable for mom and may be harmful to newborns.  Babywearing is addictive and there are different carriers perfect for different developmental stages, climates, and events. 

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