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Most people have a “Testimonials” page for their business. I’ve decided to have a Bloopers, Flubs, and All-Around Mishaps page. I’m sure I’ll update this one often!

1) I chased a placenta down a hospital hallway. It was almost midnight and I hadn’t had anything to drink or eat since noon. The client asked me to take her placenta home so she could get it later. Staggering under the glaring lights, I walked into the hall holding my birth ball, doula bag, and odd tupperware-like container of placenta. I dropped the container which then rolled an enormous distance past the nurse’s station. I dropped my bag and ball and bounded like a toddler after the container much to the amusement of one OB and several nurses. Thankfully the container remained closed. Could have been a disaster.

2) I made up a story about marshmallows. I had a client who seemed to respond well to mental imagery during contractions. I was doing ok at first with the usual “Imagine you’re in the center of a field on a breezy day…” Then, after so many of those, I went blank. She was lying on white sheets with fluffy white pillows so I said something so embarrassing like “You’re climbing a mountain and when you get to the top, you realize you’re on the edge of a bowl of marshmallows. And you spread your arms and fall into them. Smell the powdery sugar.” And if the image wasn’t bad enough, the client followed a kosher diet and I couldn’t remember if marshmallows were kosher! It was awful.

3) I wiped meconium poop with one hand while eating chick-fil-a with the other. I was starving. And the glorious saint of a dad called his mother to bring me a chick-fil-a sandwich. It didn’t arrive until the mom was pushing so it got dropped in the shuffle. During the birth, my entire chest got covered with amniotic fluid. As soon as baby was breastfeeding, I grabbed my sandwich and started munching. Then baby pooped on mom’s hand. So, wearing a saturated shirt and with my half-eaten sandwich in one hand, I used my other hand to clean her up with wet wipes. A few years ago, that scene would have really bothered me.

4) At a homebirth, we ran out of ice so I threw a bag of frozen tater tots on the mama’s chest.

5) I called a client by the wrong name. Big oops. She was busy pushing, so I don’t know if she noticed. I’d never met her before. One of my clients birthed the night before this woman. A doula friend had two women in labor at the same time. So I agreed to rush to this birth. The mom was 8cm when I got there and moving quickly. In the excitement, I called her by the name of my client from the night before. I never addressed the mistake. She never mentioned it. If you’re reading this…I’m terribly sorry!

6) I dopped my phone in the tub while the mom was in it. And I had been talking to the midwife. I was trying to tell her to get to the birth quickly but dropped the phone before I could say that. Then I couldn’t find her number since I only had it programmed in my phone. The dad’s phone didn’t have it. Couldn’t find the mom’s phone. It was a mess.

7) I gave a woman poison ivy. When we realized she was going to birth in the floor instead of the tub, I ran to find something soft for the floor. I saw a fluffy comforter hanging over the stair railing. I grabbed it and threw it down under the mom. Little did I know, she had used that comforter to sit on for maternity pics in the woods. And little did I know, she was super sensitive to poison ivy. We all wondered at the itchy rash appearing on her legs postpartum. And spreading to the rest of her body. It took a few days to put it all together. Beware the postpartum poison ivy.

8 ) I took Cedar (22 months) to a postpartum visit. The mom was a repeat client and friend. She has a 2 year old. We thought it would be fine. A fun playdate. And it was. Until. Mom and I were talking all about home birth advocacy, changing the world, you know, the usual. Her mom senses triggered first. Where are the toddlers? We round the corner to find Cedar carrying the newborn. After mom and I recovered from our crazy adrenaline rush, we reconstructed the story from the 2 year old. He got the newborn out of the swing and then Cedar took the baby from there. I admit to teary eyes and weak knees after that mishap!

9) I showed up at a birth with my pants on backwards. I was at the couple’s home for several hours before I noticed.

10) I was the first to arrive at a homebirth.  When I walked in, I noticed all the signs of labor:  childbirth books open on the floor, half-eaten dinner on the table, hypnosis script playing, tub full of water.  But I did not find signs of the couple.  I searched every room in the house.  Looked in the backyard and garage.  Called out, “hellooooo?”  Where were they?  Ambulance transport?  I called the midwife who was on her way and said, “What is going on??”  She was as shocked as I was.  Then the dad pokes his head down the stairs and waves.  I hang up with the midwife and rush upstairs.  And still couldn’t find them!!  Turns out I was standing three feet away (twice!) but didn’t see them in a tiny space around a corner.  P.S. she had her baby an hour after I walked in the house.

11)  I found a placenta-of-unknown-origin in my freezer.  At first, I thought it was a tiny roast.  Then my six year old pointed out that it had an umbilical cord.  Huh.  And it was double-bagged.  I don’t double-bag meat.  Where did this placenta come from?  So I posted on facebook (to my “birthy folk” list),  “Is anyone missing a placenta?”  Guess what?  Within the hour, facebook had reunited this placenta with its owner.  I had printed her placenta and must have been in a bit of a hurry during clean-up.

12)  At a homebirth, the mom was deep in her hypnosis.  I was pressing a warm rice sock on her lower back.  I looked down to see rice spilling all over the carpet.  It seems my stitches were less than precise.  I had to use two ponytail holders to twist up the split seam.  Thankfully, I remembered to remove the ponytail holders with their metal attachments before microwaving the sock.  If I’m going to continue sewing my own rice socks, perhaps I should add a sewing kit to my doula bag.

13)  In my Hypnobabies class, we were discussing perineal counter-pressure.  At the end of the class, I reminded them of the birth rehearsal we would be doing the next week.  I mentioned we would practice positions, techniques, and counter-pressure.  Never noticing their uncomfortable faces, I continued on until a doula who was auditing my class (and had taken Hypnobabies for her own birth) interrupted, “What Julie means is we’ll practice counter-pressure on your lower BACK; not your perineum.”  There was a collective, “Whew!”  Right.  Different counter-pressure altogether.

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  1. This made me really REALLY laugh. I seriously need a doula at my next birth, if only to tell me funny stories.

  2. This is awesome!!!!! Lol…..with Aniston’ s birth I actually made up ” hello kitty island” as a visual/ mental imagery story. Lol

  3. HAHA!! So funny! I could imagine myself doing all of these! I will keep a list now – you have inspired me!

  4. You are so refreshing! Thanks for the images 🙂


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