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The beauty I have seen today:

  • A sweet postpartum mama and her precious 6 week old.  It is an incredible experience to watch a couple become parents. 
  • Norah dancing around the house in her polka dot undies singing Moonshadow.
  • My friend Laura’s campus Bible study and her unfathomable care for others. 
  • A two-year old’s positive thinking while on the potty:  “Poopy, come out.  Come out, poopy.”
  • The amazing play table Scott built for Norah’s dollhouse.  Wow.


And the ugly:

  • An advertisement for a local pregnancy seminar:  So You Think You’re Smarter Than Your OB/GYN? taught by an OB, of course.
  • A grocery store scene.  I hate witnessing those. 
  • Words I said.  I squirted tart in a friend’s eye. 
  • My hair.  Um, I really need to wash it.  Really. 

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  1. gracefullearning

    OMG — You Think You’re Smarter than and Old Fart? What!?!?!? Oh, Please! Geez!

    I love that table – what a craftsman — that that dollhouse is pretty snazzy. Is that Plan Toys? Have you seen the Holtzinger and Ostelheimer-something-or-other figures? They are so pretty….and so costly. Etsy has some handmade ones that are lovely.

    I ramble at 2:28AM….Hope your Tuesday is full of goodness — and no tart in the eye, or bad grocery scenes~

  2. inexplicableways

    Yep, plan toys. I seriously love that company. Why yes I have seen the crazy expensive H&O figures. I told Scott he needed to go into the wooden toymaking business!

  3. Awe Shucks…….I am humbled and touched that I made the beauty list…and not the old and ugly!!!!!
    Thought I’d pop in on your site this morning and see what you had added. I love what you’ve done with it! So much great information for mom’s with little ones… and a peek into your beautiful heart and soul. You continue to amaze me in the ways that you bless myself and others. I hope you have an absolutely beauty filled day….and I’d love to see a video of Norah Bean dancing and singing Moonshadow!!!


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