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6489_677651723478_12721106_39376672_1122682_nwork in progress…I’ll finish it between toddler naps, dinner, my other jobs, laundry, etc.

One of my clients recently told me (2 weeks postpartum) that she and her hubby felt they had been hit by a tornado.  How can you prepare for the whirlwind who is your baby?  Each baby is so different; with such unique quirks and needs.  Families quickly develop rituals for living with a newborn (running the vacuum to coax her to sleep, finding that magic burp position).  And, of course, everyone wants to suggest their rituals–which may not work for your family.  Keep that in mind as I share my rituals. 

The most important thing to remember:  your baby is your instruction manual and you–the parents–are the ones who know how to read that manual.  Listen closely, learn to read the cues, and follow your instincts.  Don’t read books that prescribe a one-size-fits-all plan or schedule.  These promises for a baby who eats and sleeps according to your schedule will undermine your instincts.  Your baby is smarter than these books and knows what she needs.  And you know your baby best. 



Attachment Parenting 

Calming Fussy Babies

Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression


Cloth Diapers

Making Your Own Baby Food


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  1. Hey again! I was just viewing the site now that I have more time to look in depth at all of it. I’m an attachment parent also (heck, two of my kids still sleep with me), so when I clicked on the link, I was so happy to see that you included a “baby blues or postpartum depression” link to come. It’s such a touchy and confusing issue. But, as someone who’s dealt with it three (yes, 3) times, it’s very important to recognize the signs and symptoms and get help. If I were a pageant contestant, postpartum depression would be my platform. ha ha. I talk about it every chance I get.

    I never felt “depressed” or “suicidal,” and I never wanted to “hurt my kids.” These are the three symptoms that everyone seems to know and watch for (and rightly so). But, you can be experiencing PPD and have none of those three symptoms. I mostly just felt “not quite right” and “unorganized” in thought and life. I knew I just wasn’t myself. I finally sought counseling when the ANXIETY (the worst of my symptoms) became too much to handle on my own, and learned that there’s no shame in counseling or therapy. Everyone could benefit from a good counseling session. My only regret is that I endured it for almost a year the third time before seeking help. (My medication that I’d taken the first two times wasn’t helping anymore).

    Anyway, I just wanted to say “well done” and to encourage anyone else who many feel the way I felt 3 times to seek help. Don’t put up with it one more day. You CAN feel like your old self again.

    When do you want to get together and spend some Christmas Money?!! I only work for 11 more days! Then I’m a SAHM again after 12 weeks in the work force. I can’t wait!


  2. inexplicableways

    I’m so glad you shared your story. My experience with PPD was similar–the anxiety was overwhelming! You’ve motivated me to get that section finished.

    Emailing you about getting together…

  3. Hi Julie,

    As my new source on all things natural, I had a question for you. =) Any recommendations on an organic or chemical-free crib mattress?


  4. Hi Ellen–I’m flattered! But don’t let me fool ya…I just have all the best cheat sheets. 😉

    Yes, crib mattresses are super important if your babe is going to be spending 12 hours lying face down on it! Why is this a big deal? Most baby mattresses are filled with polyurethane foam and treated with PBDEs for flame resistance. And they are covered with PVC! So, you might have put time and effort into a no-VOC paint for the walls and then find your mattresses is filled with volatile organic compounds! My round-up of products that pass the test:

    Or, some of the latex and wool selections at

    For a middle-of-the-road choice, Ikea’s mattresses are fairly safe; particularly the Sultan line. They do not use brominated flame retardants and they don’t use phthalates. They have only small amounts of the standard formaldehyde.

    If the mattress is not in your budget, consider the New Zealand mattress covers:

    Hope that helps! Here’s to happy sleep for everyone…

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  6. Actual topic,


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