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Child-wrangler, coffee-guzzler, Grace-chaser

IMG_c4836My various (paid and unpaid) occupations include:

  • mama
  • wife
  • friend
  • doula
  • childbirth instructor
  • parent educator

Things I’m learning:

Things I enjoy:

  • (fair trade) coffee–and lots of it
  • my hubby’s alfredo sauce (thank-you, Chef Willy, for sharing your recipe!)
  • books
  • camping
  • poetry
  • icy cold climes
  • playing with the kid’s toys after they goes to sleep.
  • humbly building the universe

Oh, and my name is Julie.  You can email me– j_byers (at) bellsouth (dot) net

Feel free to scrounge about, leave comments, disagree with me (I know you’ll find something!), or point me to sites and sources you love.

My village is spread about the globe and while my neighbors may not be able to join me on my hillside for tomato-picking or salsa-making, we can peek into each other’s lives in this limited fashion.  It is a secondary substitute but it is something.

On this site you’ll find soapboxes, snippets from my favorite poems, snapshots of life with a toddler, a smidgen of social justice stories and birth activism, and assorted scraps of my life.  If you’re lucky, you’ll catch glimpses of my delicious husband, beautiful friends, and amazing family.

And I hope you’ll spot the Grace that holds it all together.

Professional photos on this site were taken by Life Prints by Tracie.

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  1. I love it! You did such a great job with your blog! Keep me posted on all your updates. Love you!

  2. Margaret Stephens

    I’m absolutely amazed at the simple beauty you have created with this blog – sharing your joys and frustrations [no frustrations with my granddaughter] of motherhood! I love everything about it. No doubt it will be a blessing to others.

    Much love,

  3. Wonderful site! Looking forward to reading and learning more.


  4. After a long day at the office and wondering what my grand-daughter is doing and what am I missing, this is wonderful. While it doesn’t take the place of spending time with her, it is exciting to hear her latest “out of the box” experience or saying. But I wouldn’t expect any less, considering who she has for a mother and daddy. God bless your family and your work.

  5. I was reading about Norah and her spitting episode. What did you guys do? Jubal is doing that and sticking his tongue out along with some mean faces. And he’s only 3?!?!?!

  6. inexplicableways

    Rhonda–the best advice that another parent has ever given me was this: Don’t be a mind-reader. Don’t worry what your child’s intent is–respond the same regardless. So if she throws food on the floor on purpose or on accident, I say, “uh-oh, food doesn’t go on the floor. Let’s clean it up.” And she cleans it up. We deal with the character develop piece later through stories and reflection. Not in the moment.

    How that applies to spitting. I don’t worry if she’s spitting because she is mad at me. My response is always, “spit goes in the sink. let’s go to the sink.” And I hang out with her at the sink while she gets bored spitting her little heart out.

    With the mean faces…I haven’t encountered that one yet. What I would try with Norah: she has this ugly monster puppet named Hoggle. I would tell her, “uh-oh, you’ve got a mean face. Who can we give mean faces to?” And then coach her to give the mean face to Hoggle. Later, I would talk to her about how it makes mommy sad to see Norah sticking her tongue out at mommy.

    It is such a joy and yet such work to live with a toddler! I have to keep reminding myself that her brain is still a bit wild. Don’t you wish you could have tantrums sometimes, too?

  7. Thanks Julie. That really helps a lot. It’s getting so exhausting trying to figure out what to do. I will try the sink thing. Hopefully he will get the point. I have talked with him that spit is for brushing teeth but I haven’t actually taken him to the sink. That’s a good idea. As far as the mean faces, I have told him it makes me sad and he will apologize. Yet, he gets so caught up in the moment and so emotional that that’s what he does. We are reminding him to use his words instead of gestures when he is upset.
    This really helps. Thanks a lot. How much do you charge per hour? 🙂

  8. Julie,
    Can I just say that your blog site is so beautiful! I know I tell you all the time, but I really don’t know what I would do without you. You are such an accomplished and thoughtful mama and doula!

  9. Hey! What a change- like the new site! Hope you are well!

  10. Hi Julie
    I stumbled upon your blog via Makesha Duncan. We are old high school friends and she is still very near and dear to my heart. I love finding new information and discussions on mothering and natural living. I have a ~18month old, Charlotte Jade. I completely adore her (of course) and she makes me strive even harder at living a natural lifestyle. There is always something that I’m trying to work harder at to accomplish this (currently working hard at reducing plastic consumption and recently ridded my home of harsh cleaners. Thank you for creating this great blog and I look forward to checking it out more in the future.

  11. Sorry to post here. I tried emailing you, but your bellsouth email address isn’t working.

    Do you mind writing about our new film on your wonderful blog website?

    We just released a 7 minute documentary, titled “Do You Doula?” It was
    sponsored by three certified doulas in Cincinnati.

    You can see the video here:

    I edited the film.

    Thank you.


    Marcus Adams
    Brawny Lads Productions

  12. I am interested in the hypnobabies classes, who would I speak with.? Thank you.

  13. Julie,
    I enjoy your website. I loved reading about Noelle’s blessingsway. What a beautiful idea! It was wonderful to see all of you at her shower. 🙂

  14. Hello! Elizabeth Randolph gave me your name…we have worked together in the past, I assisted her and now I’m looking to certify as a doula and she said you were the woman to talk to! 🙂 I know you do hypno trainings…can I join in this month?

    • Hi Karla, shoot me an email at j_byers (at) bellsouth (dot) net or facebook me and I’ll get you the info on the certification. Deadline for registration is Jan. 8. I’d love to have you join us!

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  16. Why am I just now seeing this? 😳Where have I been? 🤔 Anyway I love this! ❤️


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