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filtering the sea through my fingers

pic3Norah says I’m a seashell.  And in my belly she can hear the ocean. 

She’s describing the sound of the doptone searching out elusive heartbeats.


A nurse I’ve never met sent me three seashells.  I received them today.  One for each of my children–the born, the born too soon, and the soon to come.  A precious treasure. 


May I daily remember to dive.  

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  1. aww, that’s beautiful:)

  2. it does sound that way… all the swooshes and crackles.
    in one of sarah’s childbirth classes they chose objects that appealed to them… those who chose the seashell were asked to describe their first interaction and feelings about a baby.

  3. her midwives taught it… loosely based on birthing from within but with other tidbits. they did birth art every week and lots of emotional processing, less biological information.


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