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Mary Kury, a local Bradley childbirth educator, blogs over at The Rosie Lane.  I was honored to be interviewed by her about doulas.  Her blog is a great mix of local resources, interviews with people of all sorts, recipes, birthy things, etc.  Go subscribe. 

Good thing we did the interview before the new baby.

Because right now I can only think about the important questions: 

  • When do I get to take a shower?
  • When was my last shower?
  • When was Norah’s last shower?

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  1. That’s a coincidence, I was just getting ready to go take a shower because Jordan is home for lunch! I feel yucky. My sweet mother has given Suzi baths at her house so we wouldn’t have to worry about it all the time.

    That blog sounds great. I’ll have to read it in a little while.


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