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More Bulgar Joy

Why did no one tell me about this wonderful grain??  I am thoroughly loving bulgar.  Delicious veggie chili recipe I concocted last night: 

I sauteed chunky zucchini, carrots, jalapeno pepper, and onions in grapeseed oil until the veggies were somewhat tender.  (I found grapeseed oil at the flea market yesterday and wanted to use it).  In a separate pot, I cooked 1 cup of bulgar in 2 cups of water (simmer covered for 15 minutes).  After eating three spoonfuls of plain bulgar, I added the veggies and some cumin and chili powder.  I stirred in a can of black beans and a can of diced tomatoes.  Let’s see, did I do anything else?  I don’t think so.  I served with homemade rosemary bread from Monday’s dinner.  Scott ate two bowls so I call my healthy vegetarian meal a sweet success!

In other news, the funniest comment I overheard at the flea market yesterday:  Old man says to other old man, “I can get you any legs in Seneca.”  I hope he was talking about antiques?

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  1. The old men have never seen my legs! You rock Jimbo! Do you own stock in a Bulgar Wheat company?? Just so you know i ‘m really enjioying explicable ways.I miss you two

  2. Chef ‘Wiley’…your legs are rather exceptional.
    How’s the winter beard coming?
    I was just telling Julie that I missed your random phone calls announcing piping-hot, freshly baked choc-chip cookies.

  3. Thanks for the post – Hey I added your article to my myspace page.


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