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Words from My 4 Year Old

Bird-watching in the snow

I kept a notepad near me so I could catch some of her words today. 

  • “I’m the mommy.”
  • “You can never eat again.  NEVER.”
  • “Feed Cedar to the lions.”
  • “I broke mine ankle.  All the bones came out.  But I put them back in.”
  • “You’re kidding me?  Blackbird has the letter ‘C’ in it?  Are you sure?”
  • “I need one of those things what make little things bigger.”  (a microscope)
  • “You forgot to sweep under the rug yesterday.  Look at that dirt!  Do it now.”
  • “You’re never gonna pet Jude again.  NEVER.”
  • “I’m going to Heaven first.  You don’t get to go to Heaven first.  I do.  Hmph.”
  • “Put Cedar out in the grass.”
  • “You stink.  Cedar put her stinky on you.”
  • “You go in the kitchen.  I’ll watch over Cedar.”  (yeah right!)

Are you seeing any trends? 

But my favorite:

“Mom, you’re the bestest mommy in the whole wide world.”  (Ok, that was after I made hot chocolate and popcorn).

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  1. What a wonderful way of keeping up with the things that Norah says! I started a journal for Ryleigh that I hope she’ll appreciate one day… And I keep things like that in it. One of my favorites was from a few months ago when she went haywire over me taking her “parking spot” in the middle of the bed. And when she asked a week after Christmas if it hurt Jesus’feelings that we forgot to make him a birthday cake…

  2. I love the microscope one! And popcorn and hot chocolate always make things better!

  3. I was reading a wonderful developmental article on 4 yr olds and it said 4 yr olds do not fully comprehend right from wrong yet and they should not be left unsupervised with infants. Yep, something clued me in in that one!

  4. I’m happy to know I’m not the only one with a toddler who says “never” about so many things… My husband asked her to sit down in her seat at dinner, rather than standing while she ate, and she bluntly replied “I’m NEVER going to sit down Daddy…NEEEEVER!”.

    I do not like that word!

  5. I love that she was so convinced there isn’t a C in blackbird. It’s silent! What a brain…

  6. Very cute! I hope you are keeping those quotes to blackmail her when she is older 😉 Nice.


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