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I think many people fall into one of two camps.  Either they view pregnant bellies as cumbersome bulges that should be kept under clothes.  These are the folks that would prefer not to see an 8 month pregnant woman in a bikini.  Or, they think pregnant bellies are powerful, beautiful features.  My husband falls into the second camp and thinks pregnant women are gorgeous and carry a certain radiance about them. 

So it is no wonder that he encouraged me to get a henna design.  I admit that I have enjoyed my new belly art.  And I’m certain I’ll have another henna piece done closer to birth.  I chose a tree–fittingly for baby Cedar.  The swirly branches curl all the way down and around one shoulder.  The incredibly talented, Erin Ernst, created the design.















Henna goes on black and then dries as an orange stain.  It lasts one to two weeks.

I think a henna session with Erin would be a unique baby gift for an expectant mama  Or invite Erin to do a henna design at a blessingway or baby shower–maybe inviting each guest to add a symbol or swirl to the expectant mom’s belly.  You can contact Erin at erinzyart [at] aol [dot] com. 

Erin is a new stay-at-home-mama in our area who is re-building her art business.  She also does fantastic face painting for birthday parties, murals, bellycasting, and more.  Send her some love!!

What happens when…

What happens when… 

a doula, a midwife apprentice, and a childbirth educator get together for a playdate? 

Why, something happens to my hair, of course!  Last time, it was significantly chopped.  This time, it was henna’d.  Ooo, I love it! 

I hate maintenance.  I despise getting a hair cut.  I have never colored my hair out of fear of continuing maintenance (ok, there was that one time in college that resulted in a cranberry-streaked disaster).  I don’t own a curling iron, blow dryer, straightener, etc.  My hair routine is wash (no shampoo, of course), scrunch with some lavendar water and gel, and air dry. 

Still, my hair seems a little dull these days.  Henna seemed like a good option to pick up some highlights, cover a few strands that are betraying me, and add some conditioning.  Caryn graciously agreed to do it all for me hold my hand. 

It turned out perfect.  No dramatic change.  I doubt anyone (who doesn’t read my blog, that is) will notice.  And the best part about henna–it simply fades over time…no roots showing through…no maintenance.

The lovely Angela after puddle-jumping

Angela--a professional puddle-jumper

So what is involved?  I bought some henna at Whole Foods.  It was pretty inexpensive–6.99.  We brewed tea to mix with it.  You can use coffee for deeper brown tones.  Added apple cider vinegar and an egg.  Then Caryn painted my hair with a paintbrush until I looked like I had been puddle-jumping at Camp Pinnacle.

And like post-puddle-jumping, I simply rinsed, rinsed, rinsed until most of the grit disappeared down the drain.

And to think, before I became a mom, I imagined playdates as boring, stuffy affairs.