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Wedding Ring–Found!

For those of you who commiserated with me over my lost wedding ring–I found it! 

I knew my ring was on the bathroom counter.  An hour later, it had been absconded.  The culprit:  an adorable 2 year old.  When asked where mommy’s ring was, Norah confidently and immediately pointed to the air vent saying she “put it there safe.”  When we looked in the air vent, we discovered that she had indeed put a few things in there (another one of her sneaky packrat places).  But no sign of the ring.  Then Scott thought he saw it down the sink drain and commenced to taking apart pipes.  No ring. 

I searched every hiding place I could think of.  I found her hairbrush (she hates that instrument of torture).  I found some money.  I found an energy bar.  I FINALLY found my ring.  It was in a tiny drawstring bag inside a bathroom drawer.  Whew.  Lesson learned and crisis over.