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Hoppin’ Down the Bunny Trail

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Today my mom, sis, Norah, and I dyed Easter eggs.  We skipped the artificial food coloring and made our own dyes.  I never liked chemistry class but this experiment was so much fun!  And messy.  I think I may have permanently dyed mom’s white porcelain sink. 



My favorite was an earthy green we got from mixing turmeric and boiled red cabbage.  We discovered a lovely blue from one of the concoctions–I think it was baking soda, beets, and red cabbage.  We wrapped one egg in red onion peels and dropped in hot water giving us a speckly tye-die egg.  Spinach and daffodils yielded a pale yellow.  We put rubber bands on a few eggs before dying for variation.  Norah enjoyed crushing the blueberries and spinning an egg around in the beets.  One note:  dropping a white egg in coffee simply makes a brown egg.  I already had brown eggs in the fridge.  Doh. 



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  1. How creative! I never would’ve thought of making natural dyes. Jordan is currently boiling some eggs for us to dye tonight, but we are using regular dye.

  2. Considering her new little jingle, I’m surprised there wasn’t a bandaid on one of the eggs -“I am stuck on bwandaids, tause bwaindaids stuck on me~eee~e~ee~ee!” She sings it with fully charged batteries. Amazing…just like her mommy and daddy.

  3. those look amazing! i’m so glad to see it turned out since we’re giving it a try tomorrow. 🙂

  4. These look great! All of ours ended up brown (spinach, onion skins, pomegranat juice). But I *did* dye unpeeled hardboiled eggs in beet juice and those ended up really pink and lovely for eating.

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