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First Tooth Fairy Gig

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After much drama involving a tooth barely hanging on and twisted sideways.  After Norah screaming, “Nobody touch it!!”  After encouragement from the Lewis kids.  “It won’t hurt and then the tooth fairy will come!”  After a quiet counseling session with Noelle.  “What makes you afraid?  Would you like to pray about your fear of blood?”  After walking around with a spit cup because she refused to swallow for an hour (her tongue kept touching the tooth).  After a mother contemplating sitting on the child and just getting it over with.  Norah calmly walked into the room holding her tooth and feeling as satisfied as I’ve ever seen her.

She had a tiny tooth fairy box that the dentist gave her.  To say she was excited is an understatement.  She made us take a bazillion pictures. 

For the last year, Norah has been very clear about one thing:  the tooth fairy will not bring her money.  The tooth fairy will “sparkle me.” 

Ok, easier said than done.  We had glitter glue ready.  We had sparkly tattoos on hand.  What we didn’t count on:  excited child.  Norah usually sleeps like a rock.  Not this night.  Each time we crept in to sparkle her, she woke up!  So we did it in increments.  Yes, we set the alarm to wake every two hours and try again.  One tattoo ended up on her forehead because Scott took advantage of rubbing her head back to sleep.  As he talked with her, he was applying the tattoo on her forehead.  It is still there. 

In the end, we got glitter footprints on her cheek, two tats on her arm, glitter down the other arm, and the tat on her forehead.  We also threw glitter all over her bed.  No, I didn’t regret that.  Totally worth the clean-up. 

She was so excited when she woke.  She is certain she saw the tooth fairy flying away.  Certain.  We had to leave early that morning to drive to Atlanta.  Norah’s unending chatter and excitement about her tooth helped make the good-byes with my sister, Zach, and Asher a little bit easier. 

Of course, after sharing her experience with other kids, she has decided next time she wants money.  The paper kind.  You know, mom?  The green kind.

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  1. She wanted the tooth fairy to sparkle her. That’s awesome, what an imagination. And you set the alarm for every two hours? That’s dedication. You guys are amazing parents.

  2. Doesn’t she look just like Scott in the top picture?! The knowing “told you so!” grin reminds me of you Julie when you were her age and you really (really)! DID know everything! (My kids thought so anyway!)haha! Your wisdom then AND now impresses me much!

  3. Wow, nice job! It’s awesome that you are both so dedicated. I’m glad she was able to get the tooth out without a traumatic yanking. My mom used to do that to me, afraid I would swallow the loose tooth. The thought of anything kleenex-like touching my teeth still makes me nervous.

  4. Thanks Pam!!

    After reading so many facebook statuses about tooth fairies that “forgot,” I’m certain we’ll have a flop in our future as well. But we wanted the first one to be something extraordinary.

  5. You heard our fairy dust story, I think. After that it was money, often the next morning. It’s hard to keep up the fantasy, but that first tooth experience is memorable. Congrats on a job well done!

  6. Reading this brought back such memories! ok, so I’m a little late, but I just wanted to point out that Norah did quietly pull her tooth within minutes of Aunt Noelle’s counseling/prayer session! I love that child. I’m so glad I got to see her lose her very first tooth and the following day after her sparkling!


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