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Midnight Arrival

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Long Drive.

Strong Mama.

Great Music.

15 Minutes of Pushing.

Healthy Baby.

Immediate Breastfeeding.

Long Drive.

Tired Happy Doula.

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  1. 15 minutes of pushing…I am envious!

  2. What a way to begin your night…err day.

  3. love that you do what you do!

  4. inexplicableways

    Well, I was frustrated to hear about this hospital systems’s new policy–Transitional Newborn Phase. It is a required 1-2 hour nursery stay for observation. How outdated. The nurse put it like this: “We give you one hour to do your bonding thing and then he’ll come with us for Transition. And we can keep him the rest of the night if you prefer.” Do people really say yes to that? I hope this couple refused to comply. I wonder what the staff would do? The mom was a lawyer. 🙂

  5. I have been stewing over this Transitional Newborn Phase all weekend! Are you kidding me?!?! What type of paternalistic hospital policy is that? I hardly know what to do with myself I’m so mad about it. Why oh why do hospitals insist that the baby is their “property?” I’m trying to think of who at GHS to contact about this so I can gather the content for an op-ed piece… How do you stand this on a regular basis? Bless you for being with these families in such a vulnerable time.

  6. inexplicableways

    It wasn’t GHS. This was a hospital in Columbia. I’ve never seen that at GHS…thank goodness!!


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