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The Princess and the Pea

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Oh the drama of living with a two year old.  A few days ago, I was on emergency response duty for a piece of wooden swiss cheese that was stuck on Norah’s thumb.  Last night’s adventure topped the cheese. 

We were eating dinner.  Norah’s eyes starting watering and she had a shocked/glazed look on her face.  She was rubbing her nose and trying to dig for gold.  She’s had a runny nose so we thought it was just her sinuses.  After a couple of screams that threatened all the glass in our home, she said, “Mama, bee in my nose.”  I was all sympathy, “Aw, honey bear, I know it feels like there are bees in your nose.”  “NO, mommy, PEA in my nose.”  WHAT?  Scott ran for the headlamp and sure enough, we saw a flash of green up the schnoz. 

After I rolled in the floor laughing for a quick selfish moment, I dialed-a-nurse (aka, my mom) who told me sternly, in the face of my chuckles, that objects up a child’s nose was the number one reason for visits to Urgent Care and I could either get it out myself or expose her precious grandchild to the trauma of invasion at Urgent Care.  My seriousness properly restored, Scott and I brainstormed ideas for pea-removal.  We tried coaxing Norah to blow up a balloon with one nostril.  Scratch that.  We tried getting her to blow out a candle with her nose.  Scratch that.  We practiced sucking peas out of our hand with a bulb syringe.  Scratch that.  In the middle of Scott’s macgyver-ing a tube for me to suck the pea out and my googling “pea stuck up nose,” Norah said, “pepper” and then gave a giant sneeze.  The pea sweetly rolled across the kitchen tile and Norah grinned while chanting, “I did it self.”    

What a fabulous family bonding experience!  What did we do for fun before having a kid? 

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  1. i am amazed by the brilliance of self-sneeze induction! *giggling*

  2. Good to know…I have one that will be 2 next month and one that is three.

  3. My mom has a similar story about raisins in my brother Paul’s nose. I wasn’t there (he’s much older) but apparently she put a tissue in front of his nose and said “BLOW!!!” And it worked. It’s still up for debate whether he put the raisins there himself or if our older brother Brad did it.

  4. Courtney told me about this and I had to log on and read it. I laughed the whole time as I read it aloud to her (she had to hear it again). I guess that if I ever have a PRINCESS AND PEA experience with Ryleigh then I will bypass the Byers-MacGyver and go straight to the Pepper….HAHA

  5. Children LOVE peas up their nose. My little brother did that once at the dinner table and I still remember it vividly. My little sister also got off the school bus once with a tiny pebble up her nose. My children will walk around with medical masks. 🙂


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