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Finally, Nalgene

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For those of you keeping up with the BPA saga, did you hear the news about Nalgene?  My beloved Nalgene has been one of the most tenacious defenders of the safety of Bisphenol-A in their products.  Thanks to pressure from Canadian outdoor stores, Canada’s Ministry of Health, consumers, and (of all things) the Today show, Nalgene introduced a new line of BPA-free choices last week.  Then, a few days later, issued a press release that they will no longer produce any products with containing BPA.  Huge news!   

In other BPA news, according to Z Recommends, Walmart Canada has announced it will immediately pull all BPA bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, food containers, and water bottles from their shelves.  Walmart US claims they will phase out BPA bottles (only) by 2009. 

No word from the Big Formula on eliminating BPA from formala containers.  Surprised?

And once again, the FDA, is ignoring the issue altogether–even in the face of congressional subpoenas.

Oh dear, the EPA, is also under congressional review for its cozy ties to the American Chemistry Council.


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  1. I know most mothers can avoid buying formula, but what if (like me) you have a milk supply issue and have to supplement? Is there any formula company that doesn’t use BPA plastics in their cans? Suzi has unfortunately consumed a few cans of Enfamil over the past 10 months, only when we had to use it.

  2. inexplicableways

    From what I have read, they all contain some levels of BPA. The Environmental Working Group recommends that you use Enfamil or Similac in powdered form. You might consider storing it in a different container after you buy it to reduce exposure?

    Personally, for me, the biggest concern is plastic containers that are routinely heated–like bottles that you sterilize or pacifiers you pop in the dishwasher.

    Still, it would be nice to have a BPA-free formula option. The great thing is that Suzi is almost to the whole milk mark and you won’t have to worry about it. You could do goat’s milk or there are some make-your-own formula recipes.

  3. This scares the crap outta me! I breastfed both of my boys, but we did have to supplement from time to time. (another story) I used play-tex drop ins. Do those have BPA? I also used the slow flow nipples from playtex. ACK!

  4. This really makes me glad that I purchased mostly glass baby bottles (they do still make them!) They’re classic glass Evenflo bottles.

    I thought that Nalgene already had a line of “safe” bottles. Reusable Bags sells HDPE Nalgenes (they are not the standard clear ones).

  5. inexplicableways

    Yes, Nalgene did have the HDPE type–but most of their mainstream were still the old number 7’s. And in the face of all the BPA concern, Nalgene’s response was to link to the American Chemistry Council who assured there were no problems. That is why I’m so surprised that they are pulling all their BPA containers.

    All of our Nalgenes (and we have alot!) contain BPA–even Norah’s sippy Nalgene. 😦

  6. Everytime I get a notion to browse through you site, I find something so helpful. I found out about BPA when Elly started using sippy cups around 11 months. We bought all BPA free and I assumed we were safe. But, I found out Sunday that bottled water, which Elly, Eric and I drink frequently, has BPA in the containers. So, I went on a search today for glass bottled water but I couldn’t find any. I think I will now be changing over to a Nalgene bottle. I have 2 but they are ancient and stored away with camping stuff… Can you buy the BPA free’s locally?

  7. Look for nalgene bottles labeled Nalgene Choice or labeled “made with Everyday Tritan”. Any outdoor store will have them. Also, you might look into Sigg bottles or Klean Kanteen–other lovely alternatives.


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