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Finally, Nalgene

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For those of you keeping up with the BPA saga, did you hear the news about Nalgene?  My beloved Nalgene has been one of the most tenacious defenders of the safety of Bisphenol-A in their products.  Thanks to pressure from Canadian outdoor stores, Canada’s Ministry of Health, consumers, and (of all things) the Today show, Nalgene introduced a new line of BPA-free choices last week.  Then, a few days later, issued a press release that they will no longer produce any products with containing BPA.  Huge news!   

In other BPA news, according to Z Recommends, Walmart Canada has announced it will immediately pull all BPA bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, food containers, and water bottles from their shelves.  Walmart US claims they will phase out BPA bottles (only) by 2009. 

No word from the Big Formula on eliminating BPA from formala containers.  Surprised?

And once again, the FDA, is ignoring the issue altogether–even in the face of congressional subpoenas.

Oh dear, the EPA, is also under congressional review for its cozy ties to the American Chemistry Council.


Toy, toys, toys

After finding 5 of Norah’s toys recalled for lead a few months ago, I’ve been somewhat nervous about toxic toys.  I’ve also noticed that just about every toy on the store shelves was made in China.  I was sitting in Norah’s room one night and had an awful thought:  How many of her toys, clothes, shoes were made in sweatshops?  If it was purchased at Walmart there is a darn good chance it was.  Yeah, so that bothers me more than the lead does. 

A few websites have helped me with the safety factor–Healthy Toys and CPSC’s email recall list.    

The sweatshop factor is trickier.  If you operate a sweatshop, you probably don’t want it to be common knowledge.  I guess this shopping guide is a start.  Our little global community is so intertwined.  I could make my own clothes (well, assuming I could sew) but where did the fabric come from?  I purchased Norah’s playsilks from a work-at-home-mom, but where was the silk made?  Ai-yai-yai.