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Today’s absurdities:

  • The “Breastfeeding Resources” kit given to expectant moms, grandmoms, and anyone in the vicinity by Enfamil (my neighbor table at the Seneca Baby Fair).  The boxes of 1st Trimester Gift Packs stacked several feet against a back wall.
  • A flyer from Bi-Lo titled “Make Mother’s Day Memorable” advertising tampons, deodorant, dish detergent, dog food, and potato chips.  The outside flap claims “Great Ideas for Mother’s Day” showcasing personal lubricant, hair coloring, shaving gel, more deodorant, and acne cream.
  • A NICU nursery insistent on giving a very newborn formula because the mom’s pumped colostrum is “not nearly enough.”
  • My wearing of a baby doll all morning at the baby fair and the La Leche League leader who borrowed said doll for her breastfeeding demo.  At least the baby was attached and well-fed.

Ah but there was beauty today, too–sweet friends who joined me at the Enfamil Fair, ahem, I mean, Baby Fair.  Kelly, Jenny, and Denise made the time pass quickly.  Kelly’s sweet sleeping 30lb’er in the ring sling was excellent marketing!  And Jenny kept changing carriers–she was like a runway model for babywearing.  A lovely newborn nursery RN who took all my babywearing fliers to give to her moms and wished for slings at the hospital.  And my amazing husband who took his daughter and his mom on a breakfast date to Panera, caulked the shower, washed my car, and watered my garden.  But the highlight of the day–a family nap with daughter snuggled between us and the beginnings of rain watering my garden…again.     

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  1. Ah, yes, the SENECA Fair. Carey and I did that fair last year. I think you summed it up. Absurd. Sally Boggs was there, a nurse at Oconee and she was really into our babywearing ideas…Henry was sleeping in the ‘Roo when we were talking. But, you were there, and THAT is what was important . Every year, to be there and promote it……and what BEE-U-T-FUL models!

  2. Suzi and Gauge looking at each other is so sweet! I had fun yesterday. Suzi and I love the lavender Moby–it’s cuddly. What’s the deal with colostrum not being enough? Did they feed it to the baby using a syringe or a bottle? I sure hope I don’t get tampons for Mother’s Day!

  3. inexplicableways

    Boggs was the name of the lovely Newborn Nursery Nurse. 🙂 You made a huge impression on her last year, it seems. She was so passionate about it!

    And Jenny, it was bottle.

    Meanwhile, Sal–did you come down in April? I didn’t get to see your smiling face. Pout.

  4. What kind of carriers are the girls in the picture wearing? It looks similar to an ergo. I love our ergo and Graham does too but he gets super hot in it because of the fabric and all the layers. Do you know of any alternatives that are similar in the way the baby is carried to an ergo but lighter and more breathable?

  5. inexplicableways

    They are sporting the snazzy Ellaroo Mei Tai. And if you decide you like, get Kelly’s (on right) email–she has a couple of NIB ones for sale…

  6. Sally Boggs, what a dear. She opened my eyes several years ago to the reality that the EFM was not effective ONLY in the supine position. Just a pain in the wa-toot-sie for nurses.
    She is a lovely woman.
    Noooooo…I got really sick the Thursday before, and having the same sickness a month before, I *thought* I would be laid out for days, so we cancelled the trip. And lookie there, I was fit as a fiddle by Friday night….grrrr…I am SO kicking myself, especially after hearing the news of Friend Abhay.

  7. Happy Mother’s Day! And the pic of the ladies wearing their babies has inspired me to find an Ellaroo Mai Tei for #2, whenever s/he appears. This is exactly the type of sling I needed. I had such a hard time wearing #1; he ended up getting more held than worn! I’m definitely going to be more persistent with the second baby by using the Ellaroo.


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