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Pigs Anyone?

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I’m talking “Pass the Pigs.”  Best game on the planet.  Have you passed some pigs? 

I’ll never forget evenings around the Nicewongers’ dining room table; all of us “camp folk” stuffed from Judy’s feast and Dick’s pork tenderloin grilled on the Weber.  While we tried (successfully) to find room for Judy’s peanut butter pie, Dick would bring out the pigs.  We leaned forward in our chairs, some even stood, as the electric charge of competition lit the room.  It was on.  Each of us with our own special technique–pig kisses, the wrist flip, Dick’s special cup toss, the hand roll–we passed pigs late into the NY night. 

Don’t know about the pigs?  Hang in here with me, it gets complicated.  You have these two tiny pigs and you throw them.  The positions in which they land give you points.  The piggies touch and you lose it all.  Toss a Double Leaning Jowler and you hit the jackpot.  I told you it was complicated. 


So the next time you’re planning a camping trip, pack the pigs.  The next time you have some friends over, bring out the pigs and the peanut butter pie. 

Pig out.     

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  1. Hands down…one of the greatest games of all time. Man I miss the Nicewongers!


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