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Go Hug a Midwife!

Today is International Midwives Day!  Hooray for the babycatchers.  Sal wrote a great post on midwives.  Go check it out. 

Here is one of my favorite midwives:

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  1. I missed the festivities with two cranky pre-school aged little ones and well, it snowed yesterday. Too cold for the picnic this year.
    I wish I could give my midwives a hug. I miss them.
    Happy International Midwifery Day

  2. This picture of Amy is so familiar… is it from the brochure? Or is that Norah?

  3. inexplicableways

    Yep, that sweet babe is my Norah. I have the pic in my facebook album–you probably saw it there. Hi Jenn! I miss you!!!!


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