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Green our Vaccines

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You may have noticed I have never posted on vaccines.  I do have a vaccine page planned but it will not include advice or my two-cents.  The decision to vax, not-vax, selectively vax is a choice each parent must grapple with.  There is plenty of info out there but I won’t tell another parent what to do in the area of vaccines.     

Still, I wanted to share these pics from the recent “Green Our Vaccines” rally hosted by Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey.  Regardless of which study you read on risks, there is no one who will say vaccines are without risk.  These pics show some of that story.    

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  1. i am with you… not for me to advise… but there’s good information; i like robert mendelssohn’s writings on the subject; chiropractors usually keep a lot of good research handy.
    but as for my donkeys– NO VAX! NO WAY! (should we move to a third world country or a horse farm, we’ll consider our options ;))

  2. Suzi is past due for her 1-year appointment. I haven’t actually made the appointment yet, but I did cancel the one with the other doc. Luckily Dr. Sears’ Vaccine Book is on the table downstairs so after I read that maybe I’ll know what to do! It’s funny that extended breastfeeding offers immunity too, and for many things we can’t vaccinate against, yet we are discouraged from doing it! But then again, there’s no money to be made there.

  3. I’ve been wondering a while if mothers not breastfeeding also plays a component in autism. My thought is that formula could very likely add to that “toxic load” and breastfeeding may help an infants body to better handle any toxins they encounter. Your thoughts?

  4. thanx for sharing the pics I would have loved to have gone to this rally, hope to hear about some positive impact it will hopefully have on vaxs

  5. I have read some studies discussing breastfeeding as a protection against autism. With BPA lining formula containers combined with loss of breastfeeding protection, sure, that could add to the toxic load. However, with breastfeeding at higher levels than during our parent’s generation, we still see an increase in autism.

    I don’t pretend to have a scientific grasp of all the studies on all the factors. The best I can do is try to minimize toxic levels in my loved one’s bodies–a task that is getting more and more complicated.

  6. check out this video about vaccines and abortions


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