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What does a postpartum doula do?

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Anything my client asks me to do.

Yesterday, at a lovely postpartum visit, I blew up balloons. Lots of balloons for the big sister’s birthday party. My lungs got a work-out!

At one postpartum visit the mom wanted me to hold her baby so she could shower. She put me in a chair in front of the TV, handed me a precious little bitty one, and even offered me sweet tea!

The most difficult task I’ve been asked to do? Iron a former military man’s white dress shirts. I don’t even own an ironing board and I have no idea what to do with starch. I could only tell the client that I ironed with love.

I’ve dusted furniture, walked dogs, played with toddlers, worn babies, processed birth stories, checked latches, shared a pot of coffee, washed diapers, and even given a homeschool lesson. Whatever a family needs. I love entering into the family rituals for this short precious time like no other.

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  1. I will have to make sure all of my ironing is done before you make a postpartum visit to my house. 🙂

  2. That sounds so great! I would love to have that job. Holding/wearing babies, breastfeeding, ironing shirts….what more could you ask for??

  3. That is good to know! I suck at ironing as well, even though I was in ROTC for years. Usually I had a friend or my mom iron my stuff and now Jordan does it.

  4. I am now a fairly decent iron-er after my mother-in-law showed me how (seriously). She also taught me to cut up a chicken.

    Emily, no postpartum ironing allowed! : )

  5. Molly, maybe you should offer a doula continuing education class on ironing?

  6. Fun times, but I didnt’ have the heart to tell you that we had to stuff what was left of the balloons in a back room cause they would randomly and unexpected burst and we didnt’ want to scare the kids! Seriously…of all the balloons you blew up, only like 7 survived! Still, M does have a turkey balloon left.

  7. Yes, I suspected as much, Gini, when I saw the birthday pictures. Not a balloon in sight.

    Maybe next party, you should go with the latex glove balloons. Those take alot of effort to pop!!

  8. I don’t iron at all either! That is too funny! I have probably seen my yard sale bought iron 2 in 10 years.
    Shine On!!


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