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How Bulgur!

Love was in the air last night.  My parents and my sister/brother-in-law both celebrated wedding anniversaries.  For Noelle and Zach, this night marked their one year anniversary.  Aww.  They pulled the top of their wedding cake out of the freezer and ever-so-sweetly smashed each other’s faces with it. 

I prepared a feast for the happy couples.  For once, Chef Willy’s famous alfredo recipe was overshadowed by a new appearance.  I made Bulgur Salad with cherries as shared by my friend, Lauren.  It was so beautiful.  And tasty.  So dust off that bag of bulgur and get cooking.

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  1. What!!! no Alfredo sauce!!

  2. That’s bulgar allright!! Yuck eeee Pooooo!
    I’d rather face a pack of grouchy ground hogs on a hot day in august than eat bulgar with cheeries. Why ruin home grown cherries ,like the ones i grow in my own orchard. Keep them seperate from the bulgar and put them in some pastry, then we are talking real food. Praise JESUS!

  3. Oh Willy, you know you’re just dying to put cherries in your Pinnacle tabouli to impress some ladies group!

    Grouchy ground hogs on a hot day in August?? You crack me up!

  4. well i quess you could try eating it on a cold day in January while facing a hungry group of pinnacle coyotes, They just might eat it.

  5. i can’t believe i *just now* realized that you linked me! i’m so glad you enjoyed this recipe as much as we did…YUM, LISH! and, chef willy, i don’t know ya…but i MUST beg to differ with you. bulger wheat is scrumptious! scrum-dittly-umptious as a matter of fact 😉


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