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My 3-year old asks “Mama, is it appropriate to eat boogers?”  Ew.  But I’m super-impressed with her vocabulary.

A thought about this pregnancy:  I feel more connected to the baby.  I know the depth of change a new baby brings and I’m already in awe of this little one.  Pregnancy feels sacred.  With my first pregnancy, I was more focused on me–the physical changes, the specialness of being pregnant, the mystery of birth.  I knew there was a baby in there but didn’t really understand that reality.

I’m no longer feeling lovey-dovey about my hubby.  He is a supreme April Fooler and has given me many near-heart attacks in our time together.  And even while I braced for it, he still managed to convince me that I had head lice yesterday.  Gullible.  Yes, that is me.

These are creepy. 

I’m more bothered that I thought I would be that Scott knows the gender of our baby.  I mean, that is HUGE!  He knows what our family will look like.  I hope I will be able to hold out and be surprised at birth. 

I need a landscaper.  If anyone knows a landscaper who needs a doula (before mid-July), I’d like to barter services.  Ridiculous long shot.  I know. 

I’m reading a birth book written by an engineer.  I hate math.  She keeps talking about vectors and axis of symmetry.  Real sentence from the book:  before you can apply mathematics and physics to labor, you have to understand the concept of vectors.  Did I mention this book is about birth?  It is on my hypnobabies required reading list. 

I like this positive parenting website

I must shut down the computer and get ready to go to the Clemson Babywearing group.  Babywearing day is such a long day!

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  1. 1. At least once a year, I somehow convince myself that I have lice and freak out about it for about a week.
    2. That Zaky baby pillow THING is the quite possibly the freakiest thing I’ve ever seen. No wonder juvenile crime is on the rise.
    3. I’m totally impressed, but not surprised, by Norah’s vocab.

  2. when I am at school, I go to the nurse at least once a week to get my head checked for head lice:) See you tonight. I need some extra help in baby wearing, Tyler is much better at it than me 🙂

  3. Rachel–you a counselor at Pinnacle the summer of the lice “outbreak” yes? Scott designated me as the one who had to take an entire cabin of girls’ clothes down to the laundramat and I had to buy the lice treatments at CVS for the unfortunate ones. I don’t know how many times I asked Nurse Sue to check my head. Madness.

    Brady–yay! See you tonight!!

  4. what about bed bugs?????

  5. oooo, Denise, you’re right. The bed bug incident was far worse than the lice incident. Ah, the joys of summer camp!

  6. Oh, that Zaky thing is way too creepy! Who came up with that? And I am amazed that “appropriate” is in your daughter’s vocab… that is really cool. Also, awesome that you let your husband know the gender of your baby, but you are wanting the surprise. I may have to do that next time… It was so great to see you last Saturday!!!


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