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Read only if you want to get red in the face and throw something. 


I broke the link; you’ll have to remove the spaces.

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  1. You mean there are women out there daring to use their brains? Preposterous!

    What an absolutely terrifying attitude. What scares me more is how open he is about it. He’s not even trying to hide his contempt for free-thinking. This indicates to me a way of thinking that is all too commonplace and accepted within that profession.

  2. Ah. Now I finally understand why there are doctors willing to abort a baby, but they can’t stand the idea of babies being born at home. It’s not about safe mothers and babies; it’s about CONTROLLING patients.

    At first I thought this was a sarcastic article trying to make OB’s look bad.

  3. outrageous. some of those comments were amazing.


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