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If You Are Searching for a Holiday Gift for a Toddler…

I know I’ve written about playsilks before.  I’ve posted pictures and you’re probably tired of seeing them.  But I’m still amazed at how these simple Waldorf silks have become a daily staple. 

Here is a picture of Norah getting ready for “work.”  Notice she’s babywearing her puppy.  When I ask her what she does at her work, she tells me she plays with the children all day.  The secret irony of this scene is that her t-shirt reads, “I’d rather be naked.” 

Full disclosure:  Lest you think I’m some spectacular Waldorf mama, it should be noted that yesterday while playing in the beautiful dusky outdoors, I saw Norah doing something in the grass with her fingers. 

Me:  Norah, whatcha playing? 

Norah:  I’m blogging, Mama.  Here’s an email for you [she hands me a leaf].

And a few weeks ago, she handed me my white contact lens case saying, “Here’s your ipod, mommy.”

Technology creepin’ in.

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  1. Seriously! When you speak of Nora, I can only think of Mercy! The conversations could be the same! So fun. And…wanna learn about that lovely sarong tied into a wrap!

  2. Love the new website! That’s a beautiful picture on your banner.

  3. Love love love playsilks — one of the BEST toys we have here! Where did you get yours? We are planning on getting some blanks from Dharma Trading and and dying our own, but we use A Toy Garden for silks!

    Waldorf Question: Do you use beeswax crayons? Yummm…. Sally is now a crayon snob.

  4. Sally! When are you coming for a visit??

    I got our silks from a mom in my GCM online community. I think she must have used kool-aid dye b/c the purple one is decidedly grape-smelling.

    I have a dog who loves to eat crayons. So no beeswax here. Its the cheap stuff for us while Jude prowls about.


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