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Norah’s First Advent Calendar

I don’t like to think about crafts.  Planning them makes me shiver.  So, when the whim strikes, I plunge in without pattern or really much of an idea.  This craft began yesterday with the thought:  “I should make an advent calendar.”  Scott carefully reminded me that tomorrow was Dec. 1.  The gauntlet thrown, I walked to the craft closet, grabbed random items and began cutting strips of construction paper.  No idea what I was going to do with them.  Here is my finished product. 


Fancy-schmancy, I know.  Seriously, my craft ability is equal to a 2nd grader’s.  Thankfully, Norah thinks I’m amazing because I can use scissors. 

Each envelope contains a small surprise–I didn’t buy anything.  I found objects around the house:  a button, jingle bell, seashell, bead, pebble, pecan.  Norah loves collecting these little treasures and sorting them in an egg carton.   


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  1. You did a fabulous job on the advent calendar.

    We like to play a game with those “little treasures” you find around the house. We place them in a cloth bag, shake them up and draw out 3-4 of the items and place them on a table. After Zane has had a chance to study the items I have him close his eyes while I kidnapp one of the peices. He then opens his eyes and trys to figure out which peice I took. As he has gotten older we take out more peices to make it a little more challenging for him.


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