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Christmas Loot

One of my favorite things about Christmas is spending time with my family.  We have loads of rituals surrounding the holiday.  And we know we have only a small, precious window during which all of us are together.  Soon my sister and her husband will be living overseas.  So we really savor our time together now. 

Ok, now one of my other favorite things about Christmas:  the yearly loot from my Aunt Helen’s garden.  When I see her husband carrying in huge boxes to place under the tree, I get so excited.  I try to time it each year so that I use my last jar just before Christmas.  This year, I used up the final jar of tomatoes making veggie soup the week before Christmas. 


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  1. I wish I was related to Aunt Helen. That looks like a delightful present to receive!

  2. Oh how lovely!!!! I love canned food. Enjoy.


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