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Today, for instance, these were some of the searches that found my blog (typos included):

  • “whuppin when we get home”
  • ways to poo
  • must have s for baby registry
  • was jane nelson spanked in her life?
  • pickens flea market
  • dreams about tomatoes going bad
  • murderer hydromedusa
  • negative heel
  • how long was jesus breastfed
  • video of mom breastfeeding teen son 

That last one creeps me out. 

I love that wordpress shows me the search terms entered that pull up my blog.  I wish I could remember some of the funny searches I’ve seen.  Some have left me scratching my head as to how my blog came up as a search result. 

People must be very very bored to be searching for things like “ways to poo.” 

I suppose I must be very very bored to pay attention to how people find my blog…




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  1. Um, I think that first one may be my fault… When Norah got stuck in the shopping cart I believe I commented something about how a lesser parent than yourself might have shouted in front of everyone that the child was gettin a whuppin when they got home. I have seen and heard worse while attempting to set up nebulizers at work. When the kids are sick and high as a kite from the albuterol, I might add, and shouldn’t be held responsible for their hyperactivity.

  2. I was wondering about that first one!


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