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Turning Wood

My husband got a lathe for Christmas and he has been a busy woodsy man.

The honey dipper with the reddish handle is from fallen cedar we found in my parent’s forest.  The dark wood salt cellar is from Scott’s grandfather–some black walnut from his forest.  The other honey dippers are from pine and redwood.  He also made a stunning wooden scoop from cedar.  Everything is finished with local beeswax.  Not sure yet what I’m doing with the tiny pine scoop pictured.  I’m keeping catnip in the salt cellar. 

Why do I need catnip, you ask.  Catnip is an excellent and safe herb for babies.  It soothes digestions, helps with achy gums, and (bonus!) acts as instant lullaby.  I keep it growing in abundance. 

Another woodsy feature to our holidays:  Norah wanted to give a gift to Cedar.  So Scott cut some baby blocks with nice grips for baby hands and Norah spent hours sanding them.  Then they coated them with beeswax.  Such a sweet gift. 

I love my crafty woodsman.  Even when his shoes fill with sawdust and spill out onto the bedroom floor.  Even when he stays in his workshop until 3am.

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  1. Howdy Jimbo, I gotta tell you I’m mighty jealous it’s my dream to retire and have a wood shop. I had one about 15 years ago at my moms house in the basement. I made everything from wooden toys to kitchen cabinets that we still use. A lathe is the only piece of equipment i do not have. I can still dream, i know some day i will have space for a shop again. Nice looking stuff your making; is it your own creative ideas or are you using some type of pattern? I miss you southern folk and hope to see you again soon. Your well aged friend , Chef Willy.

  2. Wow, those are beautiful. My husband would be jealous. He would love to have all of the woodworking tools that your husband does. Also, that is so sweet that Norah helped sand those blocks for Cedar. What a nice gift.

  3. Those wooden creations are gorgeous! Where is the link to Papa’s Etsy shop?!!

  4. I love it! Way cool!

  5. I just be in love with your weblog! Very nice post! However you can do many things to enrich it, and i will be back.


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