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Ahhh…the Pregnancy Dreams

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Pregnancy dreams are vivid.  I clearly remember the ones I had when I was pregnant with Norah.  This time around I’ve had three so far.  The first two were about precipitous and early births.  They were uncomplicated.  Only Scott was present. 

The third.  I was in a strange hospital.  Scott was not there.  My mom and some random former co-workers (in great number) were there.  Dr. Polo Shirt attended.  I woke (in the dream) holding a baby boy with a huge head.  He weighed 6lbs 2oz.  Mom told me my heart had stopped beating while I was pushing.  Dr. Polo Shirt said it was no big deal, he got it going again.  I asked if I had torn.  Nope.  I asked what position I pushed in–then said, “Nevermind, you could have put me in McRoberts and I don’t care as long as my perineum stayed intact.” 

Then baby was passed around to the twelve million former co-workers.  Then a nurse tried to take him for “3 hours of very important procedures.”  Thus ensued a tug-of-war with the baby.  I won.  And I ran out of the hospital and boarded a train.  All the while, I’m making big open mouth faces to encourage the huge-headed baby to latch properly. 

I will say again:  Lord, deliver me from hospital births.  I would be an awful patient.  And I think Scott would tangle with somebody.

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  3. Thank goodness there was a train by the hospital. 🙂

    Um, are you going to post belly pictures at all???

  4. Tell you what, Rach–

    If you come down for a visit, I’d let YOU take belly pics!

    Yes, there will be belly pics forthcoming when it is nice and plump.

  5. Hooray! I’ll come visit & take pictures if you come to Michigan to be my doula when I’m pregnant. 🙂

    Or maybe by that time we’ll be back in WNY. 🙂


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