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Stats from my last Hypnobabies class

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From my last Greenville Hypnobabies class:

  • All women gave birth in a hospital (Greer Memorial or Village).
  • All had spontaneous, unmedicated births.
  • All arrived at the hospital less than 3 hours before they gave birth!
  • One was a VBAC
  • 2 had pain-free births 
  • There were no complications for moms or babies.
  • And this little stat is mostly for me–all gave birth on a Thursday or Sunday.  I’ve been tracking this trend over the past two years.  What is up with Thursday and Sunday?

I love this program!

So far, all of my students (a diverse group of homebirths/hospital births, first time moms, etc) have had spontaneous, unmedicated births.  In a climate of 1 in 3 births by cesarean and 90% epidural rates, this childbirth educator is a happy woman.

Congratulations to all my Greenville students!  I can’t wait to meet your little ones at our reunion!

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  1. Wonderful! 🙂 How funny about the Thursday and Sunday part.

  2. My 1st son was one of your Thursday births from 2008. We will see what day my second son decides to make his entrance in 2010.

  3. That’s pretty incredible!

  4. This is so encouraging! I can’t wait to see how well our class does!


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