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Pregnancy Update (Again)

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I’ll get to the how-to-have-a-smoother-birth post.  But now…

A pregnancy update.  Here is a shot of today’s belly:



Pretty boring, really.  I feel some nutrient depletion following my run of births lately.  Low energy.  So, I’m eating lots of greens and trying to catch up. 

Oh, this is fun.  I had the first leg cramp of my life last night (likely because of aforementioned nutrient depletion).  It was horrible!  It felt so unsafe–unnatural.  And guess what my first reaction was?  “Go, go gadget hypno-anesthesia.”  Which, um, totally didn’t work.  Because I haven’t practiced enough and it isn’t a superpower I can call on at any moment of need.  So, the next reaction was to scream but I had a sleeping hubby and daughter beside me.  I’ve had clients who got leg cramps during labor.  What awful insult!  Leg cramps are much worse than labor. 

Note to self:  get back on your hypnobabies training regimen and always, always take your cal-mag before bed!

Other pregnancy news.  This very active baby continues to prefer crunching low in my pelvis.  I evict the sweetling with some pelvic rocking each night and suddenly I have a raging, grumpy baby squirming back down into my pelvis–very unnerving sensation.  I don’t know why the little one won’t stretch out more.  Whine.   

And today, while playing at the lake, I burned my belly.  Note to self:  whereas normally my belly will not soak any sun, the stretched out belly burns easily.  Sunscreen is advised. 


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  1. Cal-Mag is a pregnant woman’s best friend. I wonder if it’s safe to pop a few during labor and if it would help ease those leg cramps. I really hope to avoid that next time. Pushing with leg & foot cramps is horrendous!

  2. I know cal-mag is a common ingredient in the various “labor-ade recipes” suggested for sipping during labor. The one I pass along is:

    Pour over ice and sip slowly.
    1/3 cup lemon juice
    1 teaspoon salt
    1/3 cup honey
    1 crushed cal/mag tablet or scoop of cal/mag fizz
    Stir in enough water to make 1 quart of solution

  3. Love your pictures! Ouch, I can’t imagine a pregnant belly sunburn. When we went to the beach my shoulders/back got burned and that was bad enough.

  4. Cute pics, Julie! Did you get my facebook message about newborn pics for the company I sew for? I just want to make sure you have the opportunity if you can do it….
    Sorry about the leg cramp. I had one of those to with Jubal and whew! it hurts.
    Happy rocking.

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  6. Oh, I forgot to add that I also have the “mask of pregnancy” or melasma. I LOVED this with Norah and it has returned the same with Cedar. I get these two spots on my cheek bones. Looks like blush from a distance. I think I just have a weird happy track playing in my head when I’m pregnant and I think most of it is lovely. “Your belly is huge!” Why, thank you–smug smile–they think I’m a fertility goddess!

  7. love these pics!! so beautiful & fun!

  8. Thanks Rachel!! Again, anytime you want to take a road trip to build your portfolio…I bet I’ll have a scrumptious newborn that will need photographing soon. 🙂

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