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When Maternity Leave Ends

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There is a typical pattern in most of my doula clients.  I see them immediately postpartum and we talk frequently by phone or email.  Then as they settle into parenting, I don’t hear much from them.  Until…

Until they return to work.  At this point there is usually a scramble as the moms navigate the world of pumping at work and encounter issues like milk supply, plugged ducts, and reverse cycling. 

Pumping is a learned skill.  Unless you are simply swimming in milk, there are tricks to pumping.  My favorite resource is  It is the only working/pumping mama website that dares to discuss how a freezer stash can undermine, how co-sleeping can help, and how care providers can overfeed the breastfed baby. 

So if you’re heading back to work or if you know a mama who is struggling with pumping at work, check out this great website!

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