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I want my village

I had a sneaking suspicion.  Now I know for certain:Women_at_the_Well1892


Or even half of the day.  A two hour playdate doesn’t cut it for adult support, encouragement, and relief.  A one hour phone conversation with a friend isn’t enough. 

I want my village.  I want my women who go to the well with me every morning.  The isolated nuclear family is a failed experiment.  I want a shared community.  Not a virtual community–though I would waste away without this online connection. 

I want geographic proximity.     

On my street, there are eight houses.  Of the people who are home during the day, I can choose from:  the old man who smokes while pulling his oxygen tank, the 98 year old woman, the Alzheimer woman who never leaves her house and once accused the neighbors of stealing her underwear, the third shift police officer, and the people who shoot guns at fake deer targets in the backyard.

Where are the mamas?

See, I have a 3 year old with unbelievable energy.  I read somewhere that age 3 is the biological peak for energy levels.  And then I have a 6 week old who cries when I put her down.  So I wear her and sleep beside her and nurse her.  And I love it.  I do.  It is amazing to care for this little one.  But I could use some relief arms occasionally.  My back could use some relief arms! 

Who wants to start an intentional community?  It might be a yurt community since houses aren’t selling and money is tight.  I could live in a yurt. 

As long as I have a village.

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  1. I would love to come visit you and give you some relief!! I long to have a newborn in my arms!! I think Cedar would like me, right? Name the date!

  2. It’s almost 11.30pm…my almost 3-year old just went to bed…the 9-year old, too…so now finally I can sit down and do sth. for myself. I turned on the internet to look for the one “living Project” my friend told me about. It’s a group of several families that bought a huge, old farm, renovated it and now live there with all their kids, dogs, pigs…..
    What a coincidence reading this now on your blog….I wish that the people I really care about would live closer together and just simply help each other out.
    It’s really frustrating when you can’t just take a friggin’ shower….
    I would love geographic proximity…

  3. withwomanwithchild

    we must!

  4. I am there!

  5. Out of the eight houses on my street, there are also eight riding lawnmowers. What a waste. And eight washing machines. Eight dryers. Five gardens. Couldn’t we share some of these?

    And speaking of geographic proximity…emily, you live 2 hours away from me!

  6. You have a little community here in Asheville whenever you need a getaway!

  7. Let me know when you start up your “yurt commune” and we’ll be there!! It is a strange thing we don’t live the way we were intended!


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