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The Baby Book

I’ve been complaining about how much I dislike Baby Books.  I didn’t love Norah’s and really didn’t want to do another.  But as my younger sister always points out:  the first child gets a complete baby book and the younger sibling’s is barely completed if she has one at all.  Do I sense some angst? 

I have dutifully completed the required questions in Cedar’s oh-so-generic baby book.  I even did her footprints (which turned out to be a messy disaster).  But so much of the information is irrelevant.  Such as the two pages dedicated to “coming home from the hospital.”  Really?  Two pages?  What outfit did you wear home from the hospital?  Well, not only did Cedar not leave the house for 7 days, she also didn’t wear anything that first week.  And decorating the nursery?  Cedar’s nursery is our room; her crib is our king-sized bed. 

I muttered something about how someone needed to design baby books for the not-so-generic experience.

Voila:   Artist Adriane Bovine has created baby books that are beautiful, hand-made, and tailored for out-of-the-norm whether it be adoption, non traditional families, homebirths, the family bed, etc.  Check her out!  Put this extraordinary baby book on your wish list.

Well done, Adriane Bovine!

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  1. I wish I had had this for Zach and especially Caleb. I had two books for Caleb-loved the illustrations in one but not the set up and the adoption one was focused on international adoptions and was ugly!

    I need a point towards pullup style set up for Caleb at night any ideas?

  2. Well, I’ve already been considering what I’m going to tell my only child as to why she has no baby book and I don’t know when she got her first tooth, said her first word, or started walking, or any other milestones. “Well, honey, mom was a little distracted, trying not to run away and never come home again!” Not to mention how to explain to both grandmothers who gave us beautiful baby books to fill in. Oh well. I have a stack of stuff, like a newspaper from the day she was born. Maybe I’ll just make the other stuff up ;D
    On the plus side, I do like her quite a lot now, and only rarely daydream of running away…

  3. I will feel successful documenting Jack’s birth when I get over it. Maybe never? He has his letters, and that will have to do!


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