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The financial cost of our 2nd child

IMG_c4859This one is for you, Marty Finch.

How much does a baby cost?  Our first baby was expensive!  We bought lots and lots of unnecessary things (and then ended up giving most of it away).  What have I spent money on this time?

Pregnancy:  I skipped most of the expensive medical tests and used the free ultrasound provided by Greenville Tech.  I saw our family doctor for my prenatal care.  I splurged on organic herbs, tea, and vitamins. 

Birth:  The birth was very inexpensive.  We skipped the medical route and had our baby in the dining room.  Honestly, the biggest expense was the remodeling work I forced Scott and my dad to complete on the house during my extended nesting period.  There were some supplies to purchase–the most expensive was a birth tub.  Otherwise, they were small things like tinctures, food, waterproof sheet, etc. 

Diapers:  We have not purchased nor has Cedar used a single disposable diaper.  And I see no reason to use any in the future.  We have not even purchased any cloth diapers.  Cedar wears the one-size bumGenius that Norah used.  And we have been loaned and gifted many newborn diapers as well.  A good cloth diaper should last through several babies!  My only expense has been water and energy for washing.  I bought one container of Charlie’s Soap which is still half-full.  I think I paid 11.99.  I use the sun to bleach any stains out.  Our cloth wipes were sewn by my mother-in-law.  I make my own wipe solution using a few drops of lavender EO mixed into water.   

Food:  Cedar is thriving on human milk which is 100% free.  She hasn’t tasted anything else.  And when we get ready to start solid food, I won’t buy anything special.  I’ll just mash up some of our fresh food with a fork. 

Clothes:  When we’re home, she is mostly in a diaper.  I bought 10 white onesies at a consignment sale when I was pregnant and tie-dyed them.  Add to that all of Norah’s newborn clothes and we’re set.  I’m less susceptible to the “oh-my-gosh-too-cute” syndrome that hit me the first time around regarding baby clothes.  It is hard to buy new baby clothes when there are such amazing steals at consignment sales!  They don’t wear them enough to become worn.   

Gear:  I bought a bouncy seat for 10.00 at a consignment sale.  I borrowed a moses basket which she naps in sometimes.  I paid 2.50 for a jersey knit wrap.  I already had a Maya ring sling, Ellaroo MT, Moby, and my Storch wrap.  We already had a carseat and we don’t use a stroller.  She sleeps with us, bathes with us.  I can’t think of anything else we use.

Products we use often that we were given:  Weleda Calendula lotion/bathwash.  I love anything made by Weleda.  Aura Cacia lavendar oil.     

Do I sound proud?  I am!  I love to be frugal.  And frugal is especially fun when it also benefits my baby’s health and the world in which she will live.  Did I leave anything out?   

So Finch, my friend, what are you waiting for??  Having a baby does not have to cost a fortune!

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  1. Hmmm….if you wanted Marty to read this, you should have posted it on a sign….rather, a series of signs.

    • Jimbo,
      Since I’ve graduated with my masters in reading, I’ve been working on that. There has been little improvement, but I’m hopeful. We use flashcards shaped as signs.
      P.S. We miss you guys.
      Josh says he loves you and that he’s thinking about the time you snowshoed to the pine tree cove and he had to sit on a black trashbag to keep his butt dry while you cooked beans and rice….and this blog makes him want to have a baby.


  2. go Finch! I will pass on my cloth diapers. You and Debbie would make beautiful babies!

  3. We got a lot of what we needed for Suzi at our baby showers and kept the things we liked so we didn’t have to buy them again this time. For a while it made me nervous when people talked about how a baby was so expensive they had to wait to have one. I kept racking my brain trying to figure out if there was something important we had neglected to spend money on! 95% of those “must-haves” are just money-makers for companies. Suzi hated her crib, and we ended up selling it and buying a $60 gently used Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper for Ivey. She’s made it clear she prefers sleeping in our bed, so even that was a waste 🙂

  4. We also frequently use and love our muslin swaddling blanket. I bought it from an Etsy seller for 10.00. It is so big and makes an incredible baby burrito. Purchased from this seller in Australia:


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