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The things I googled today–

  • postpartum hair loss
  • “the language of the brag”
  • placenta teddy bears (because people have totally lost their minds)
  • postpartum hair loss prevention
  • acorn squash recipes
  • drops like stars
  • Great Lake Swimmers

Highlights of the day–

  • Celebrating with Natalie at her blessingway
  • Getting to eat a piece of cake by Makesha
  • Visiting with friends
  • Lunch with my parents
  • Eating crusty bread with butter.  Loads of butter
  • Having a sweet, sleeping baby tied to me
  • Driving 10 miles without Cedar crying (she likes B93.7 so I cranked it)

Lowpoints of the day–

  • Cedar screaming as I sat down to lunch with my parents
  • Crying as I unsuccessfully try to calm Cedar
  • Being jealous of everyone who doesn’t have a baby tied to them
  • Thoughts of simply driving away toward the mountains as Scott drove home with the girls
  • Listening to B93.7

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  1. My hair is falling out some, too. It happened with Suzi and scared me because I thought I might lose it all, but it stopped 🙂 It seems to begin around the 6-week mark. However, my hair seems to get thicker during pregnancy so I think it almost evens out. But still, if you figure out something that works to stop it please tell me!

    Is it bad of me to say that the placenta bear is oddly unsettling? I know that’s probably hypocritical since we made my placenta into pills for me to take. I think it’s because at first glance it doesn’t appear to be made from a placenta, but rather from some other material that teddy bears aren’t usually made of.

  2. I was wondering about this hair loss thing, mine is still falling out like crazy and Preston is almost 9 months. Will it ever stop? I feel like I might not have any hair left if it keeps up at this rate.

    Also, Preston’s favorite chanel is 93.7 and his favorite group is black eyed peas. Yes, while most mothers play sweet, lovely songs for thier children, oh we just rock out to the black eye peas, I actually bought him a CD, he loves it and will fall asleep to it occasionally.

    I am jealous of anyone who gets sleep at this moment 🙂 All the traits that might make Cedar a difficult baby at times, will be beautiful traits as an adult 🙂 Fussy children are born leaders 🙂 At least I tell myself that!

  3. I understand the concept of wanting to hang onto your placenta for various reasons, but that bear looks like something out of Silence of the Lambs.

    Rowan loves Led Zeppelin 🙂


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