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Birth Rule # 1




The most important thing is do not disturb the birthing woman!
Dr. Michel Odent – Obstetrician


The more births I attend, the more I realise how much we disturb the birthing woman.
Gloria Lemay – Midwife



I’m sorry it is a picture of me.  Sadly, my own birth is the only one I’ve attended that felt truly undisturbed.  Hospital births are never undisturbed.  “Can you sign these 15 consent forms?  Oh, are you having a contraction?  Let me hold the clipboard for you then while you sign here, here, and initial here.”  Some homebirths are undisturbed; I just haven’t been honored to witness one.    

The doula’s role is to guard the woman’s birth space.  To hold the line.  To remind caregivers not to talk loudly.  To shut the door when the nurse leaves it open.  To turn off the lights for the 12th time.  To trust the woman’s body and her intuition.  To give the birthing couple space to be private.  To give the partner room to love on the birthing woman. 

The most important thing is do not disturb the birthing woman!    

 IMG_8633Jude, the doula dog, was an inspiration during my undisturbed birth.

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  1. So cute! Reminds me of Franklin 🙂


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