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Oh the things you will see

at the Pickens Flea Market.

Stunning, isn’t it?

Meanwhile I love Mr. Organic Man.  Especially when he says flirty things like “oh, for you?  just a dollar.”  Or when he promises me a special jar of coconut oil next week after an evil woman snatched the only jar as I was reaching for it.  Then she asks, “What do you do with coconut oil anyway?”  She didn’t deserve it. 

And lest you be confused in your own quest to find Mr. Organic Man at the flea market.  He is quite the opposite of organic as he chain smokes in his camo jumpsuit with his chain-smoking, camo jumpsuit cohorts.  Ah, but his flea market booth is fantastic.

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  1. We almost went today! I once found that guy thanks to you and got a bunch of organic fair trade chocolate bars (BIG ones) for a dollar each. They were really good. I kind of wish we’d gone, but it would’ve involved getting up early AND probably going out in the cold. Two strikes against it so we stayed in bed. Oh, and the cigarette smoke too.


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