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Challenged to find a toy that is not “made in china?”  Or ridiculously priced?  Or plastic?  Or requiring batteries? 

Want to support a local craftswoman? 

Check out Ashley’s amazing handmade Waldorf toys.   Ashley is trained in Waldorf Early Childhood Education and is a parent educator.  Click here for more info on  Waldorf education .  She makes her beautiful toys in Traveler’s Rest but, of course, can ship anywhere.  

She says:  Inspired by the limitless imaginations of young children, each toy is created with much love and warmth.  Toys are purposely without detailed facial features to promote open-ended play and feed the infinite expressions of the child’s imagination.  The beauty of the craftsmanship and simplicity of each toy beckons to be played with in a myriad of creative environments for years to come.  Appropriate for ages birth through 7 years (and beyond!).  My own children, ages 1 and 2, are my research and development team!  I craft each of these toys from my home.  The all natural materials I use include: hardwoods; wool – roving, batting, felt and yarn; cotton; bamboo; and found materials like acorn caps.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for most custom orders.

I know I’m purchasing several pieces for Norah’s stocking.  Take a look and if you’d like to see pictures of all of Ashley’s work or if you would like to purchase a few, email her at waldorfmama [at] gmail [dot] com.  


 Gnomes – (measuring approximately 4″ tall) in custom tailored outfits; gnomes are warm and wonderful to touch, all outfits are securely attached, and make great imaginative play toys as child grows – $4 each; 3 for $10; 6 for $20 

Flower children and acorn fellows – each meticulously created and inspired by the changing seasons. A wonderful addition to sprout on a nature table and into imaginary play.  Acorn folks are $4 each; a family of 3 – 2 adults and 1 child – for $10. Flower folks $6 each. (not recommended for children who will put them in their mouth) 

Birthday/Dress Up crowns – a delight for the birthday celebration or for dress up; sized for young children to adults with adjustable velcro. – $15 each

Birthday Ring – inspired by rings from Germany, contains 12 hand tailored figures on a beeswax sealed wood base; customarily, child chooses one each year to stand in the center and the spot on the ring is filled with a candle; at 12 years old the ring is fully alight with all figures in the middle.  Not recommended for everyday play. – $85, set includes 12 figures, wood base.

Knot dolls – a lovely first toy for the young child; knots are easily grasped and soothing to gnaw on; made from soft cotton fabric &/or organic bamboo fabric with wool batting in head (choose solid blue or pink) – $10 

Balls of all sorts – felted (both wet and needle felted) wool with custom designs (small 2″ diameter $6, medium 3″ diameter $9, large 4″ diameter $12), embroidered cotton with a small rattle enveloped inside (4″ diameter $7); wool felt patchwork ($10); great for indoor play as first a rattle then an interactive toy

Carved wood animals – each hand carved, sanded smooth and finished with food grade beeswax; lovely as a first toy (safe for teething) then an addition to imaginary play as child grows older – prices start at $7. 

Knitted animals – Soft and soothing to the touch (wool and cotton yarns), they can accompany many lovely tales children never tire of hearing (consider a mama duck and her babies with Jemimah Puddle Duck, bunnies to accompany any of the many fun rabbit tales, or a donkey, cat, dog and rooster set to illustrate the Bremen Town Musicians…) – Mama Duck $10, ducklings $4 each or a set of Mama and 2 babies for $15; rabbit $8; horse/donkey $10; rooster or chicken $4; cat $5; dog $10; elephant $15

Felt animals – pictured are two Scotty dogs; more designs to come in the future – $8 for solid $15 for appliqued

Mobiles – each individually crafted from pecan branches with wool and silk decorations – custom order, sizes and prices vary

Washcloths – knit or crocheted with organic cotton and quite lovely for the entire family – $7

Gift sets – multiple items may be selected to create a fun gift set; great for baby showers and birthdays! – prices vary

Aren’t they gorgeous?

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