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A postpartum snapshot

I keep flashing back to this one moment after Cedar was born.  It was afternoon the next day.  I’m in bed wrapped in a sarong.  Scott is in the kitchen cooking something yummy for me and Carey just brought me some Mother’s Milk Tea. 

My dear friends are here.  Abby is one on side of the bed.  Carey is at the foot.  Cassandra is giving me an acupuncture treatment.  My Aunt Helen is meeting Cedar for the first time in another room.  Norah rushes in, sees the needles in her mommy and worries we’ll put them in her. 

We laugh and chat while the needles do their thing.  I, of course, do something clutzy.  I run my fingers through my hair forgetting there is a needle in my scalp and pull it right out. 

I don’t know why this moment stays with me so vividly.  The sense of community, perhaps?  A gift that motherhood has given me beyond my children is this new community of women. 

A rich icing on the cake.


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