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Life in the Hermit House

Just a little update:

Cedar:  She is 5 months now.  She continues to cry if anyone other than Scott holds her.  I’m told she settles eventually if I’m not around but that doesn’t make it easy for me, the caregiver, or Cedar.  I wonder what it is about her temperament that causes this reaction.  She is a smiley little thing with a snakey long tongue but sometimes if family/friends look at her, she will fall apart into tears.  She doesn’t do this with strangers.  So odd.  Cedar is an easy baby if we stay home.  So we stay home.  Alot.  I was gone for 17 hours for a birth (hoorah wonderful VBAC homebirth!) and thanks to Carey, mom, and Scott, Cedar was well-cared for while I was away.  No permanent damage!     

Norah:  She is 4.  And lately, the whining and tantruming have re-surfaced.  I thought we left those way behind.  There are also many dramatic “I hates” and “I will nevers” and stomping of feet.  I feel some urgency to intervene before she is ruined forever.  But I know the urgency is only in my head.  She is fine and finding her independence which I’m sure is scary.  And finding her place in the family now that she is not an only child.  Today, I experimented with feeding her protein snacks much more frequently and the whining has dramatically decreased.  

Me:  I long for a few hours without Cedar.  I leave her with Scott when I teach classes or go to prenatals but I would like to go out for coffee with my husband.  We went to a concert in Asheville Sunday night at The Grey Eagle and yes, I wore my baby.  Thankfully she slept through most of it but I covered her ears because the band was loud.  I admit I felt a little out of place. 

Scott:  keeps on turning out the gorgeous wood.  Check out this cedar baby spoon. 

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  1. I feel like a hermit frequently. The other day my dad kept Suzi and my mom went with me and Ivey to the optometrist. Ivey screamed her head off in the waiting room. I nursed her at least six times but nothing made her happy. This is why we rarely go anywhere–it’s exhausting, and by the end of an ordeal like this I can’t wait to get home.


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