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The Episode in which Supernorah eats Secret Quinoa

How do you like my little superhero?  As you can see by her emblem (is that the right superhero term?), her weapon is peace. 


And yes, she is missing her pants.  Maybe she got a little confused in the phone booth.  I’m sure my hubby–who knows everything there is to know about superheroes (our netflix arrived today.  *sigh* tonight it will be the Fantastic Four)–could spin a wildly heroic tale involving secret identities, archenemies, and a sidekick.  Mmmm.  I’m not really feeling it.   

Thank you Caleb and Micah for Norah’s headwear!  Costume courtesy of Little Capers.   

You probably can’t tell what she is holding in her hand–a rice cake.  I’m so devious.  See, I love rice krispy treats.  But I wouldn’t feed one to my daughter–yikes!  all that sugar?  A few weeks ago, Norah caught me hiding in the kitchen eating one and mistook it for a rice cake.  Now, if she sees me with a rice krispy treat, she asks for a plain ole rice cake!  It is a win-win.  And while we’re talking devious…I have another:  Norah loves cheese grits–the packaged instant ones.  Have you see the ingredients?  Not healthy at all.  This morning, I cooked some quinoa (which is super-easy to make and full of amazing goodness), blended it with cheddar cheese, and voila–“Norah, your cheese grits are ready!”  Being a mama is so much fun!  Though my collard green experiment failed.  I cooked some collards last night and told her they were the leaves that Littlefoot and Petrie eat in “The Land Before Time.”  Yeah, she didn’t fall for that one.         

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  1. You are brilliant, woman! I hear the wild laughter of sweet victory all the way to the Blue Ridge Mountains in VA! I can’t personally attest to this book, but Seinfeld’s wife has a cookbook that is ever so sneaky, including spinach in mac and cheese…whatever the combo, I hear that this book is a winner!
    (ps-i found real milk here!!! and, we have found true love with coconut oil — which do you use?)

  2. inexplicableways

    I’ve heard of that book! I always sneak something in the family food–flax seed, chopped spinach, etc. NOT deer meat which destroyed me as a child when I found out a relative sneaked that into my spaghetti. Blech.

    I use Spectrum coconut oil (for medium to high heat). It is the only brand I can buy locally. Ingles even carries it! Yay for raw milk!!!!!!

  3. That’s what we have now. I’m thinking about going online for some serious CO. and check out and checkout their info. especially for preggie and lactating women. and kids. rock your socks, mama. gotta get hold of some CLO (cod liver oil)

  4. Norah is so cute. That’s so funny about tricking her with food. Suzi has started to eyeball what we’re eating but is still too little to want it. I’ve never had quinoa but it sounds good. Do they sell it in grocery stores? We’ll see you tomorrow at the Clemson/Central meeting!

  5. inexplicableways

    I found it at a health store but keep meaning to look at the regular grocery store. See you tomorrow!! Hopefully, I’ll be on time this meeting.

  6. Upstate Food Co-op carries the unrefined Nutiva coconut oil. Incidentally, the Co-op carries quinoa as well. I’ll have to try your quinoa and cheese idea since I have some in the cupboard.

    I dislike the general idea of hiding veggies in recipes. Then again, I have a good eater who is still too young to ask me what’s inside, so who’s to say I won’t change my tune as Jackson gets older. I like my sister’s approach better. She made the spinach brownies from Seinfeld’s book and told her kids exactly what was inside. Apparently they were so good no one believed her.


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