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Auntie Harriet

Did you know that the first American city to celebrate Mardi Gras was Mobile Alabama?  Who would have thought?  And it continues to be the place to celebrate family-friendly Mardi Gras.  Is this a well known fact and am I simply out of the loop?   

My husband’s sweet Alabaman, Alabamian, er,  friend from Alabama is named Harriet.  And she sent some of Mobile’s Mardi Gras joy to us this week. 

Norah, Cedar, and I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Auntie Harriet but we’ve made her an honorary member of the family.  I’ve heard she’s the grandest outfitter in all of Alabama.  If you’re in the area, stop in at Fairhope Boat Company and say hello to Harriet.  I don’t know this for certain but my gut feeling is that Harriet gives good hugs and fantastic hospitality.  I sure hope I’m in the area one day.

Oh, and the gift I got?  A hand-made reversible bag.  I love it!!  Thanks Auntie Harriet!

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