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Reading:  The Road of Lost Innocence (I alternate between reading it and throwing it across the room)
Listening:  Still loving Great Lake Swimmers.
Watching:  Youtube videos of ballet performances per Norah’s request.
Cooking:  My share of a grass-fed, healthy cow affectionately named Huey.
Wearing:  Nursing tanks and this new skirt
Wishing:  I could teleport
Thinking:  About a new birth project–wait and see!
Craving:  Red beans and rice
Digging:  The Sermon on the Mount podcast series from Mars Hill (the Grand Rapids one; decidedly NOT the Seattle one)
Excited About:  a baby for my baby sister
Laughing At:  How much Cedar loves food
Hoping:  I can figure out this Elimination Communication thing
Annoyed With:  the current disorganization of my household
Feeling Bad:  Haven’t spent enough time with dear friends lately
Loving:  Norah’s thirst to learn–she’s into lighthouses and bird-watching lately
Planning:  my current Hypnobabies class

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  1. Just keep at the infant potty training. You and your babe will find a rhythum. Great list, by the way, I think I might use it for myself! 🙂

    Elimination communication rocks. I actually made up some charts of the money savings by practicing it. Feel free to check them out! There’s video footage too!

    Elimination Communication

  2. I’ve tried three times since Saturday to get Erik interested in the sink. He giggles at us in the mirror and reaches around to grab my nose. I shall persevere!

  3. I caught one poo on the toilet quite by accident. So I decided if I just held her diaperless and watched closely, I would see some sign. The next thing I knew, I was poo’d upon. I’m catching the wake-up-from-napping pees though. Progress.

  4. That book looks really intriguing!
    Don’t you love the list?! It’s such an easy update. 🙂

  5. I LOVE the recycled sari skirt! Wishing I could pull it off…

  6. Brady Godfrey

    Julie, Tyler and I are really interested in ECing. We have started introducing the potty to Preston and he seems quite interested. I wish we could have come last weekend to hear more. I never knew you could do that 🙂 could you send me any info. you have on it. Or if anyone has any good websites, we would love to read more. Glad to hear Cedar is such a Healthy Zest Quest kid 🙂


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