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Not much that a hot bath won’t cure

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I do have birthy things to say.  But this post is again gonna be about a darling child of mine.  So to satisfy the birthy folks:

I’m in the middle of a Hypnobabies class and thoroughly enjoying the couples attending.  We keep running out of time which I hope means we’re having mindful dialogue and not that I’m rambling on.  I’m also excited that 3 of my next 4 births are repeat clients.  It is such a compliment to be contacted as soon as a former client finds out she’s expecting.

Ok, now to the real purpose of my post. 

Doesn’t she look like she wants a glass of wine and dim lights?  We don’t have a baby tub.  Cedar and I started out bathing together and then when she could sit, we moved her to the kitchen sink where she splashed with abandon.  Now, she has decided that when placed in bubbly warm water, she must lean back and stretch out–her feet usually propped against one end, her head against the other.  She doesn’t splash.  She relaxes.  Sometimes she has the water up to her chin as she wiggles down to submerge.  A girl after my own heart.   

And since I gave her a banana to mutilate while I blogged, we’re off for bathtime now.

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