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Cedar can book it.  She has no self-preservation mechanism and will find the most dangerous [insert scary object/place] before I can blink.  

And she can’t even crawl yet. 

She does the “terminator slide.”  At least, that is what I’ve dubbed it.  Remember the Terminator movies?  When the machine loses its legs and slides along the ground by pulling with one arm?  Yeah.  That is Cedar’s technique.  Only less creepy.  Wanna see?

Jude makes a good babysitter.

No charge for that adorable cuteness.  Have a beautiful day!

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  1. adorable. love the sound effects!!

  2. Too cute! Those longies are adorable too.

  3. Do you think it is a 2nd child thing? Because Erik is the same way and now he’s trying to walk – or should I say RUN after his big brother!

    There’s nothing better than naked baby chest on warm days. I put Erik on me in the DC against my own bare chest and it was heaven.

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  5. You couldn’t charge for that adorable cuteness if you wanted to – it’s priceless!!!

  6. oh, my… the chasing and running that will now be your days.

  7. Cute! She looks so happy and proud of herself. Ivey is scooting along too and can sort of crawl, but not very quickly. She’s moving forward and not backward, anyway. We don’t have hardwoods and I kind of wonder what she’d make of those. Might have to try her out at my mom’s.

    Ivey would just love Cedar–they need to have a playdate!


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