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Today Norah took her first ballet class.  She was amazing although she never smiled.  Not once.  She is a very serious ballerina. 

And while I was watching her, I glance over to witness my 9 month old taking her first steps.  All alone in the corner of the big performance room.  She took three steps, sat down, and applauded.  Then did it a few more times.  It makes me wonder if she’s been strolling on the sly. 

Cedar walks before she gets her first tooth. 

My girls are growing up so big.  Bittersweet.

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  1. I love the look on Cedar’s face! So pleased with herself. Suzi is going to a summer dance camp once a week starting Monday. I’m excited! Hopefully she will like the class as much as she likes the outfits.

  2. What a proud little face! Big girl!

  3. That is so cool for both of your girls. Cedar is so sweet in this photo.

  4. Hooray for Cedar!!!


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